The energy sector in Mexico provides unique opportunities and challenges. That is why in H&Z we have specialized during the last decade in the attention of matters of this type, throughout the production chain, such as the upstream, midstream and downstream. Our practice includes both transactional or commercial matters, regulatory or administrative matters and the resolution of disputes. Our way of working allows us to have lasting and very close relationships with our clients.

Unlike other firms that have recently ventured into this area of ​​law, since its founding H&Z has addressed energy issues and has been involved in operational and not only formal issues.

The branches of the sector that we serve continuously, include:

  • LNG / LPG
  • Electric power
  • Renewable energy
  • Non-conventional sources (Fracking and Shale Gas)
  • Offshore (Offshore)
  • Maritime-port works
  • Storage and transportation of hydrocarbons by pipeline, ferro-tank and tank-car.

In particular, the services we provide in these branches are the following:

  • Procedure and Procedures before the Secretariat of Energy
  • Procedures and procedures before the Energy Regulatory Commission, National Hydrocarbons Commission and Safety Agency in Energy and Environment
  • Permits and authorizations for the distribution, transport, storage and commercialization of petroleum products
  • Conflicts with PEMEX during contract
  • PEMEX Franchises
  • Concessions
  • Administrative fines
  • Legal advice in national and international tenders
  • Civil responsibility in energy matters - quality of petroleum products.

During the last years, H&Z has focused on advising clients in the areas of port terminal storage, transportation and distribution of gasoline and related products, matters in which they have been involved since their negotiation, prior to the implementation of these projects, until their implementation.

In the same way, our firm has participated in recent years in the development and service of energy infrastructure projects of the utmost importance, such as the construction and operation of LPG and LNG terminals, which has allowed us to maintain close contact with the productive chain of the sector.

The experience of H&Z Lawyers in these areas of law, has allowed us to always have a business focus, solving the practical needs of our clients, always anticipating the risks and real vicissitudes faced by this type of company. , to get entrepreneurs to focus on the performance of the same and leave our specialists the intricate passage through regulatory, administrative and conflict issues.